Easy-to-empty / Easy-to-access

This is about the recycler's yield and the costs of waste water treatment. Detailled information can be found on the RecyClass Recyclability Methodology. For a package that contains liquids, creams, gels, or pasty products the easy-to-empty / easy-to-access index must be calculated. 

The easy-to-empty index is used for packaging where the content is not accessible for emptying (i.e. bottles, tubes);

the easy-to-access index is used for packaging where the content is accessible for emptying (i.e. pots).

Both indexes represent the percentage of product that remains in the packaging after its normal emptying.

The indexes are calculated as follows:

  1. W = net-weight of the package (empty)
  2. Pf = declared net weight of content (in case of volume it must be converted in weight)
  3. Pe = average weight of empty package after min. 10 emptying tests
  4. Emptying test =
    1. a. Easy-to empty (e.g. tubes): a package with the declared quantity of product has to empty easily without being forced (i.e. for liquids just holding the open package vertically for one minute with open side downwards; for pasty products just squeezing the tube as in its normal use, for creams taking them out of the cup/tub as per normal use, etc.)
    2. b. Easy-to-access (pots): a package has to be emptied simulating a normal use by the end consumer (i.e. with a spoon);